IT Roadmaps

Defining an IT path forward that supports your business strategies

IT roadmaps are comprised of many layers-applications, integrations, server/storage infrastructure, networks, and data centers. To create an effective IT roadmap, it must cover all these layers, but should address the most urgent and most strategic business issues first.

  • If your company is growing, then hardware or network capacity is most likely the biggest immediate issue – but that can lead to broader strategic concerns around scalability of your solutions.
  • If your business is in a highly competitive market, then you probably have questions about how to differentiate your company from competitors. This usually leads to an analysis of your applications (business, web or mobile) to see where you can get ahead of your competition.
  • If you are facing cost pressures – and who isn’t – then understanding where cloud/SaaS applications can be used to supplant older, more expensive technologies would be a logical place to start.

Most companies have two or more of these issues, so finding the right blend of applications and hardware requires plotting an IT roadmap the addresses them at the same time.

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