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One of the benefits of enlisting Clear IT Architecture to assist you with your EA needs is our experience in actual business operations, not just IT services and management. This background provides us with a more business-oriented take and familiarity with your IT issues.


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Specialty Services

Large scale transformational restructuring


Merger Analysis and Planning

Merging companies look for leveraging best practices and/or lower costs and the apps that support them.

Blue migrate to Green's ERP/Finance apps, Green adopts Blue's Sales/Marketing apps, and their Engineering/Operations apps are too market specific to merge.

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Acquisition Analysis and Planning

In this senario, Company Blue is acquiring Company Green. The corporate functions moved to Company Blue applications.

The acquired and acquiring companies retain their core competencies.

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IT Assets

Rationalizing IT Assets

This diagram depicts how the intersection of asset, cost, and architecture data can be joined to provide rich information about what IT assets you have, what business functions they support, and what IT costs your company in several dimensions.

This provides the baseline list for future IT roadmaps and cost projections.

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